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Accommodation Policies

1. Rules for posting promotional materials on www.sosed.link

  • I. The advertiser bears full legal responsibility for the accuracy of the promotional materials published (hereinafter - ADVERTISING UNIT, BANNER), as well as for their compliance with the requirements of the Law “On Advertising”, other legislative acts, and these placement rules promotional materials on the site www.sosed.link.
  • II. The advertiser is liable to third parties for claims to the content of advertising, as well as the use in advertising of trademarks, service marks, commercial designations, markings, names and other objects of third parties without the permission of such persons.
  • III. Only Advertiser is responsible for the content of advertising. The advertiser guarantees that the creation of advertising did not violate the copyrights of third parties, including property copyright and related rights and the inalienable moral rights of the authors. The advertiser undertakes at the request of third parties to resolve all disputes independently and at their own expense.
  • IV. In the event of claims of third parties to the Contractor, if there is a violation in advertising copyright, rights to a trademark (service mark), commercial or other designation of any third parties. The contractor does not bear any moral or financial responsibility for the advertisement placed on the site www.sosed.link. The advertiser will settle the dispute on his own and at his own expense.


  • I. All materials that violate the requirements of these rules, the site administration has the right to delete. Claims for not placing these promotional materials are not accepted. Payment for renting a banner space is returned minus bank charges.
  • ii. Advertising promoting terrorism, various religious beliefs and pornography will be removed